About Us

Who are we?

We are an Ankara-wide community interested in technology and willing to develop and share information.

What is our interest in Google?

Google corporation devoted few employees to form a group aimed to discuss Google Technologies; currently website and mailing list is in use. Google requires these technology groups to make organizations and discuss Google Technologies. In addition, Google may hold events at the location of group depending on member size. We formed Ankara branch of these Google Technology User Groups.

What we plan to do?

Our aim is, to organize series of events that spreads current technologies, make participants communicate with each other effectively and produce something with small workgroups.

Who can participate?

Everyone (students, employees, academicians etc.) who are interested in technology may participate.

What will be the benefit for the participants?

Participants will be aware of the current technologies as we share information in several fields. It will be possible to meet variety of people with different profiles. Formation of small workgroups lets group members to develop their skills and produce something out. These works will be published in our website therefore participants may find some new opportunities from outside world.

What is the role of a participant?

Participants may make presentations on their interested topic. They may form workgroups or join one of them. They can be a part of organizations and even produce something new that we have never thought of.

What can be done through studies?

Although we are one of the Google Technology Groups, we don’t have to restrict us on Google Technologies. We may work on any promising technology that takes our attention. Below are the subjects of some studies:



Google App Engine

Google Map, Earth




Web(PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax)