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How to create Google Code project and synchronize files with SVN repository using Subclipse

This document is about creating a Google Code Project, uploading or updating your projects to Google Code Subversion (SVN) Repositories by using Subclipse plugin on Eclipse and downloading codes from Google Code.

Creating a new Project at Google Code:

Google Code offers free hosting services for open source projects.

  • Sign in your gmail account then the webpage shown below will be opened.

  • Fill the Project Name, Project summary, Description, Version control system, Source code license, Project label(s) blanks with correct information. It is important to choose Version control system as Subversion (SVN).
  • Then click Create Project Button. Now, your Google Code Project is ready to use.
  • Newly created Project can be reached under My Favorites link at top left corner.

Installing Subclipse in Eclipse: ( )

  • Begin the installation from the Eclipse Help menu item. Click Install New Software.

  • A new screen will be opened, click Add button.

  • Fill the Name blank and enter the URL given below to Location blank, then click the OK button.


  • At coming screen wait a few seconds and select Subclipse, click Next.

  • Next screen shows items to be installed, click Next button.

  • Read the Licenses, accept them and click Finish button.

  • A security warning will be opened, click OK to continue installation.

  • Finally, you should restart Eclipse for the installation changes to take effect. Click Restart Now button.

Using Subclipse on Eclipse for uploading Project to Google Code:

To upload a project or commit a change to Google Code, you need to be a member of the project. A project can be uploaded to Google Code as follows:

  • At bottom left corner of Eclipse, click Show view as a fast view button, and then click Other.

  • Click SVN at new window. Select SVN Repositories, then click OK.

  • SVN Repositories window will be opened right click then select New and click on Repository Location.

  • At new window, for URL location we should write the address which is specified at your Google code Project under source tab.

  • Open your Google code Project and copy the link which is underlined at below.

  • Now turn back to Eclipse and paste the link to the URL location at Eclipse, then click Finish button.

  • Now you are ready to check in your Project to Google Code. Right click on your Project at Eclipse select Team and click Share project.

  • Select SVN at new window, then click Next.

  • Select Use existing Repository location and click Next.

  • Select Use Project name as folder name then click Finish.

  • New window asks for password, now turn back to Google code page under source tab there is a link to create password.

  • Click the underlined link, a password will be generated. Copy the password.

  • Paste the password to password text area at Eclipse and enter your email address to username blank then click OK button.

  • Perspective window will be opened click Yes or No according to your choice.

  • Now a folder opened at your Google Code page for your Project. Newly created Project folder can be seen at Google Code page under Source tab. Click browse and project folder is located under svn/trunk.

  • Now, Project files can be uploaded under created Project folder. At Eclipse right click on Project and select Team then click Commit.

  • At new window, select files to upload (all files are selected automatically no need to change) then click OK.

  • Now you will be asked for password, enter your google code password at explained before.

  • Now you can see your project files at Google code.

Committing(Checking- in) your changes to SVN Repository (at Google Code):

  • When you need to upload your updated Project to Google code, right click on your Project then select Team click Commit.

  • Changes after last commit will be shown, click OK. Your Project at Google code page will be updated.

How to get last version on SVN Repositories (Update to Head):

  • Updates your Project, located in your computer to latest version in Google Code. (Right click on project, select Team, click Update to Head)

How to get a specific version on SVN Repositories (Update to Version):

  • Updates your Project located in your computer to selected version in Google Code. (Right click on project, select Team, click Update to Version)

How to Download (Check- out) a project to your computer from Google Code:

No need to be a member of the Google Code project to download it. Everyone can check it out as follows:

  • Add repository location to Eclipse as mentioned before.
  • Right click on project name at SVN Repository page. Click Checkout.

  • A new window will be opened, click Finish. Your project is saved to your workspace in your computer.

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